The manuscript has to respect the terms of the International Medical Magazine Publishers (http://

The form must be A4, the font – Times New Roman, size 11; the drafting should be on the whole page with diacriticals, and paragraph spacing at 1 line.

First page must contain the title of the article (in Romanian and English) name and surname of the authors, their workplace and email address. It must also mention which of the authors (if there are multiple) can be contacted and his contact data.

The abstract will be written in Romanian and English and it should not be longer than 250 words (this restriction doesn’t apply to the view point). For an original article it is mandatory to have a structured abstract (Background-Aims-Methods-Results-Conclusions).

Five key words about the content must be specified after every summary (in Romanian and English).

The manuscript shouldn’t be longer than six pages and it has to respect the following structure: introduction, the objectives of the study, material and methods, results, discussions and conclusions.

The images (in jpg format) and tables (in excel format) will be on different sheets of paper, with the page number of the text [mentioning within the text, in parenthesis, the place where the reference is (ex: Fig 3)] and will contain the title and legend.

The bibliography will be mentioned on different sheets of paper, numbered based on the order of appearance within the text, containing: the authors name and the first letter from the surname. the title in the original language. the journal’s title with the international shortening. the appearance date; volume number: pages. Every article must have at least 15 and at most 100 references which shouldn’t be older than 10 years.

Examples for bibliography:

  1. Matson JL, Turygin NC, Beighley J, Matson ML. Status of single-case research designs for evidence-based practice. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders. 2012; 6: 931-938
  2. Woodard C, Groden J, Goodwin M, Shanower C, Bianco J. The Treatment of the Behavioral Sequelae of Autism with Dextromethorphan: A Case Report. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. 2005;35(4): 515-518
  3. Riley-Tillman T C, & Burns M K. Evaluating educational interventions. Single case design for measuring response to intervention. New-York: The Guilford Press 2009


Author’s responsibility

The author is the only responsible for the content’s originality (any accusation of plagiarism is addressed to the author and does not involve the editor’s responsibility). The sent materials musn’t be published or sent to other journals or publications.



First of all the articles are sent to the editor-in-chief to decide if the texts have an appropriate form and style.

After that, the materials will be sent to 2 reviewers from the journal. They evaluate the articles and give them a grade according to an unique evaluation grid.

After the reviewers observations, the editorial office communicates the observations to the authors and asks them to correct the mistakes. This process lasts approximately 3 weeks. Then the author is also informed if the article is accepted for publication in the original form, if changes are necessary or if the article was rejected.

Articles that obtained enough points at evaluation will be published in the Journal in a chronological order.

Articles with less points, but can be published after a correction made by the author, will be send back with the recommendation from the editorial office and will be reevaluated after the changes were made.

Articles which don’t reach the minimum criterion will be declined.